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Working @ Ubisoft

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 4, 2014, 3:40 AM

Not even kidding, though my contract is only for two months so far. I was offered a unique opportunity to work alongside experts in the industry, and was recruited for concept art, illustration, and storyboarding, bouncing around to see where I might fit with my toony style. It's only been day one so far, but I'm working right alongside professionals and get to learn from them first-hand. Pretty sure I'm still reeling. Obviously I can't tell you what we're working on due to confidentiality agreements, but it's pretty cool to see all the behind-the-scenes action my own self.

Unfortunately, this does mean a significant stall in my (slow) progress on HAT, my animation-to-be. While working at LASALLE I literally spent every minute animating if I wasn't busy assisting teachers; now the only time I'll have to work on it will be when I get home, and on the weekends. Finishing the illustrations for Voltaire's upcoming children's book 'The Legend of Candy Claws' still takes priority, and I've got a billion-and-one things I want to draw for myself. Personal projects, unfinished animations, and Gothic literature aside, I am still grateful for this opportunity. Either way, I can only imagine how drawing copious amounts of pirate-y concept will only help me for HAT in future ...


  • Listening to: The Huntmaster - Alestorm
  • Reading: Mossflower - Brian Jacques
  • Watching: Castle - Season 6
  • Playing: Neopets
  • Eating: Energy bars
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crystal-7-canyon Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014
Congrats, so happy for you.
LureLight Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Ohhh wow living the dream or what! Congradulations you so deserve it, don't worry we'll still be hear waiting for Hat when ever you finish it!

BTW I ended up finishing this for you:…

You and my friends who are currently in animation wher and are such and inspiration in commitment and 'ass in chair' time. I thought you should know!
RimKello Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Congratulations!!! I wish you to use this opportunity for full potential
Josumi-kun Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Awkwardly-Social Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
well done. awesome work! well earned and well deserved
pixeltwee Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
brawl9977 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Student General Artist
i was just browsing and i saw this journal and i wanted to say congrats.
KingMorningStar Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Holy Shit, that is great! I hope you have so much fun and learn so many things from them. I am glad that you got this opportunity, I nerded at seeing the picture.
Arrowriter Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
Congrats! It's well-deserved. :)
FallenAvalon Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Congratulations on the new job!
Comical1 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations!! That is really really awesome Im so happy for you!!
Noder Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Student General Artist
Congrats nad good luck!
Luvicks Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is SO awsome! Good luck there, I hope you have fun and learn some cool stuff!
kittyanya Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014
CONGO RATS! *HUGS* You finish college and already hit a big name company. :) 
Pika-la-Cynique Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Professional General Artist
tonights Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh Sak.

I don't comment much (I'm lazy) but I've watched you for years. You've overcome so much stress and GOD I look up to you so much. You're fucking amazing! I always loved your art and art style.

Over the years I've enjoyed the unique opportunity of seeing you progress. Just hearing everything happen to you has been incredible. I was so shocked to see you work with Voltaire (an idol of mine as well). You're going amazing places. Gosh! When you graduated Lasalle... let's just say I feel so proud of you and I don't even know you personally. I'm super excited for you to be working with Ubisoft.


Girl, you have so much talent you don't even understand. It's been a pleasure to see your art, and your style is just beautiful to me.

Yeah, it's a bit sad you have to put HAT on a shelf, but hey. I understand. I'm in the United States Navy which means I'm usually working out, going on watch, or trying to catch up with my coursework (I'm currently training to be an Electronic's Technician). This is literally the first time in three days I had time to pull out my laptop. I know I'm not the only person out there with a busy life. I'm pretty sure many of us understand.

Plus you post enough doodles and teasers to keep us happy. I LOVE seeing your Neopets stuff (that's how I originally found you) and other art.

Good luck hon!
Canadian-Rainwater Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment! It's great to hear from you silent types, always lurking, rarely writing, but I can understand completely. ;D I'm glad you've stuck around and continue to enjoy my work, that really keeps me going knowing people enjoy what I do. I hope my lucky streak continues! Good luck on your electronics degree, I'm sure it'll work out but I know how tough it can be when projects pile up and things get in the way.
tonights Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
(I just reread my comment and what a jumble of *everything* that was. I sometimes don't get much sleep and it shows).

And I don't mean to be a 'silent-type' it's just that if I post a comment I want it to have substance rather than be "pretty" or "I like it." I really appreciate your art and if I'm ever going to leave anything for you it's going to be thought out.

I'm glad I started watching your work. You've always had talent, I'm just shocked on how exponentially it improved.

Usually when I start watching someone for a specific thing (Neopets, a certain webcomic, fanart...) I'm not too fond of anything else they post, but I really adjusted to HAT well. Originally I found myself drawn to it because Louis is a cisgender male that still likes fashion (I'm transgendered FtM).
It later began to appeal to me since I'm in the United States Navy and we learn a lot about Naval history.
I feel like you have a lot to offer with this, not just in humor (which I admit, I love the most about your work) but opening people's minds to new things.
I hope you can do that with Ubisoft (use your humor and ability to open minds). I really hope your contract turns into your dream job; if not with Ubisoft, then somewhere else) and that you'll get an opportunity to share your ideas.

And thank you, but it's not a degree. I'm literally just learning the job I have a contract for. I'll take the luck any day!
Canadian-Rainwater Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Professional Filmographer
It's okay, I understand completely. I myself rarely find myself commenting on artist's work usually just from time constraints, but also because I usually want my comments to be more reflected and thought-out.

That's actually really neat, that you are FtM. When I was in high school I discovered I was bisexual because I crushed very hard on a girl I was in constant contact with at the time, but she lived abroad. Then several years ago she popped back onto DA and I found out she was FtM! The transformation is amazing, and all the more power to you if it's what makes you feel happy! If my gallery is any indication, I've always had more male characters than females, and have always felt more comfortable writing/playing them. As a child you could literally split my and my sister's toys down the middle, and all of the ones on the "boy" side would have been mine; all of my personas/fursonas I adopted when growing up were largely male, too.

I've been fortunate to grow up in largely open-minded, international communities towards these sorts of gender "issues", but recently I've begun to see just how untrue that can be for other parts of the world. With HAT I'm trying to go with some sort of historical fusion; the locations and dates and most of the costumes--with some artistic liberties--are supposed to be period-accurate, as well as the socio-economic conflicts, while still trying to keep it relevant to what's going on in the world now. Even if it only reaches a few people, it's a start in trying to get more people to open their minds and hearts to this sort of thing.
tonights Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess for me it's more of a frustration to be FtM. Because I was cursed with an ungodly curvy attractive female body. And people are all "you're so pretty" or "you should grow your hair out" or "it's a shame you're a lesbian."
And being in the Navy I can't get any surgeries JUST YET. I'm always so jealous of people who transition fully or well, because it's really terrible living as a transgender.
First off, it's hard for the general population to even understand the concept since only 2-5% of the population are estimated to be transgender.
At least 50% of us have experienced sexual violence. 49% of transgendered people attempt suicide. 1 in 12 transgenders in America are murdered.
Body image disturbances, substance abuse, and eating disorders are also higher compared to the general population.
Health insurance doesn't usually cover the overpriced medication which leads to self-medication (this can result in organ damage/failure or death).
Almost all of us are verbally taunted or physically beaten by family, acquaintances, co-workers, neighbors, strangers and EVEN THE POLICE for not conforming to conventional gender role expectations, in fact it has been reported that ALMOST 90% (89.5%) of transgender students don't feel PHYSICALLY SAFE in school and are at a higher risk of dropping out. One-fifth of transwomen have been homeless at one point in time AND face discrimination from agencies that should be helping them (a SHEER 1 in 3 being turned away due to their transgender status).
On an interesting note, as a kid, I ALWAYS played the male (all of my characters were male) and yet. I fucking loved unicorns. I have an entire notebook from kindergarten where they were stabbing dinosaurs to death with their horns. :'D I guess I was kinda 50-50 with my toys, but my mom always wanted to get me the pretty pink things and such. But I never minded. I think that's what started my obsession with cross-dressers when I was just a kid.

I've not been lucky. I grew up with an extremely religious family where I moved around from air force base to air force base, where you usually find the extremely religious and homophobic. I never even came out to my family. I dated a girl an entire year and five months before we broke up and NEVER ONCE told my family. Because I tried once, telling my mom that I thought I liked girls, and she gave me three days to move out or my shit would be on the curb. I was still a minor who just graduated high school! And I was never saying that HAT was not period accurate, I actually have a love for the Baroque period of art. I'm well aware of the costuming. I was just saying it's nice to see that there's a character who is brilliantly foppish, and yet still a MAN and comfortable with it.
Because I'm a straight man, who occasionally likes to wear pink lace and leopard print. Because what I want to wear should not define my gender.

I'm just super excited to see what you have to offer. I can't wait to find out what sort of stuff you do with Ubisoft! And everything.

I'll always be a huge fan of your work, keep it up SAK!

Canadian-Rainwater Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Professional Filmographer
I can understand that frustration. I did lengthy research into the subject for my two dissertations in my final year at LASALLE, and it really made me realize how much of a tabboo it still is to be LGBT in other countries, since I've rarely encountered animosity towards it myself. I've gone to largely international schools, and in fact the high school I graduated from now has it's own LGBT support group as founded and run by the student body themselves, and the teachers encourage this tolerance of diversity! My mother, while raised to be religious, grew up in the Philippines where people have bigger issues than to worry about who loves who; her best friends in high school included a gay man and a lesbian woman, the latter of whom I met, and she was a wonderful person. Even in Singapore, which has some anti-gay laws, I haven't been affected and I see a lot of homosexuals aren't either. There's a mall here called Lucky Plaza where a lot of Filipinos spend their time and own businesses, and a lot of them--especially the hairdressers--are gay or transsexual, and noooobody gives a crap, even if most of them are Christian. In fact I'm pretty sure they're Christian, too; come Christmastime there are decorations up and everything but the sense of festivity and love/tolerance is there as well, none of this attacking I read about during my research.

When I had a crush on a girl my mom did have a moment of "It's just a phase", but that was it. I can't believe that parents would be so ready to abandon their children for being someone different than who they wanted them to me, I am so sorry to hear that your mom reacted that way. I hope I'm not stepping out of bounds but that makes me MAD! Something similar happened between my dad and my sister, but it wasn't because of her gender, it was because she was the "rebel child" and didn't want to study what he wanted her to study, so she didn't bother with college and got a job instead. He imposed more and more rules and restrictions on her until eventually she just upped and left. Now she's living in her husband in Australia and, as far as I can tell, is much happier. They haven't talked since and it's been well over a year.

In a lot of ways I draw on personal experiences for Louis and his relationship ie: with his dad, but again exaggerate it. We write what we know, I guess ... thank you. =) All the support has meant so much and I hope I do you proud!
GarnetBeauty153 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
im so happy for you! congrats!!!

also, stay warm and healthy.
Canadian-Rainwater Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Professional Filmographer
No problems staying warm in Singapore, trust me!
PiranhaBullet Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Student General Artist
girl! you are amazing! congratulations <3
jazzbrat Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
Manda-of-the-6 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Student General Artist
Congratulations! What an amazing opportunity! Hope that you make a lot of networking connections while you are there for your two months. So cool! :dance:
Herebellama Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
This is truly awesome! From somebody who also wants to end up in the games industry: Good luck! I hope it takes you places. :)
rederik02 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
Congrats Sak!  I will miss seeing your art as often as it has been coming, but, totally understandable.  

Enjoy the moment and enjoy the work!  Look forward to seeing you as the Art Director on a future project (everyone knows it is going to happen, just a matter of time!). Good luck!
JoRandom Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Awesome! Hope it turns out wonderful :) 
GlassMuses Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
Congratulations, Sak! We offer our sincerest well-wishes, both for your future and your workload. You've earned so much with your skill; we hope you get every bit that you deserve. May Fortune smile upon you. Congratulations again.
KoiSeracus Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
That is amazing! All the best to you.
CythIthera Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Congrats!!! You deserve this great opportunity. ^_^ Enjoy!!!
Dizzy-noodles Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
Sound-Resonance Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014   Digital Artist
Congrats, hope for the best!
Lueei Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh my gosh....Congratulations Sak! That is amazing news.
DeeplyCreepy Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
Wow, congratulations, and have fun!
AlexGhost Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
Congratulations. :3
EddieSketti Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Student General Artist
What an opportunity. Congratulations!
Mew-Lidia9 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Good luck, I hope you enjoy it and it works out well.
Ghashak Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good luck to you! That's awesome!
sunbead Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
Best of luck!
micamone Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
you're so awesome its ridiculous wow. Congrats
Vashester Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
Grats! :D
I'm genuially happy for you!
ShadowKnightSociety Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations! Q  u Q I'll be rooting for you and look forward to see your upcoming work for Ubisoft, Legend of Candy Claws, HAT and more~
Tigsie Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
You are illustrating the LEGEND OF CANDY CLAWS?! What! Shut the front door. O_O
TwinVampire Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That sounds exiting! I hope you will have a great time there! :D
rymae Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh my! That's great *-*! Congrats to you, it's well deserved! Hope you have a great time there! So far I've heard stories from working at Valve or Irrational Games and it all seemed really fun, so only hoping for the best for you in Ubi' ^^ (Completely unrelated, but Castle is a great show to watch and AleStorm the perfect Pirate Metal to listen to :D)
Mistresa Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow that's awesome! I hope you have fun and learn a lot!
mysterymoon59360 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
congratulation ! and.. "bonne chances" for your job ^^ !
Aara-Cenz Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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