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First of all, I want to say a huge THANK YOU for all of the birthday wishes. I never expected to receive any, especially after being gone for so long, and never even thought to check back here until a friend told me that I ought to see what was going on. So thank you all, and it was really heartwarming to read.

It's hard to believe it's been two years since I was last here, but I was transitioning from college to working full-time, and maintaining an online presence just wasn't working for me. I am still struggling to find a good balance between work, play, and personal projects, but I am finally in a comfortable enough position to get my art websites back up and on track. It's about damn time, I think. So time permitting I plan on making some big changes around here.

For those who miss my old stuff: I will be taking my drawings out of storage and sorting them into an "Archives" folder. You will be able to view all of my old fanart and comics, but keep in mind most of that stuff is three to four years old, if not older. I've moved on from many of those interests, and my opinions (and behavior, thank goodness for that) may have changed. I am not sure if I will edit the artist's comments or disable comments on my old work, I am still undecided on that front. I will also not likely draw many of them anymore, I hope you understand.

Regretfully, I am also unable to be as proactive as I once was with answering people's questions, or chatting in the comments as I used to. I hope to get a FAQ up and running so that hopefully I can address most of your concerns, but with life being what it is now ... you know how it goes. Once again I seek your respectful understanding in that.

For those who are aware of or have been following my Tumblr blogs:

I plan on making some big changes around there too within the next few weeks. I will be combining my three gaming blogs ascottlegacy (SWTOR), neutrollhere (WoW), and awkwardtimezone (Wildstar) into one overall gaming art blog that may also include miscellanous games fanart like my old Assassin's Creed stuff. I also intend to make a separate blog for personal art/characters/miscellaneous fanart, and a separate one for the stupid mishmash I can’t resist reblogging, so as to avoid spamming your dash with crap. All art--gaming and personal--will be uploaded here to DA first.

I may also create a public Facebook page for those who prefer it (and so people can please stop sending me friend requests. My personal FB account is just that: personal. Friends I know personally and family only). I will open an ArtStation account for the polished works I like enough to display in a more “professional” domain. I am considering Instagram for sketches, though I know little about it. I have seen other artists post sketches or quick doodles there, so I may explore that possibility. As of now I am still undecided on what to do with my Youtube account, which has remained mostly untouched for the better part of the last two years.

I will probably start making big changes next week, so if things start popping up or moving around or changing, you know why.

If anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears.

And once again, thank you. The support I received from you guys was never far from my mind, and I hope I can continue to make you laugh and inspire young artists. That's why I want to return, and restore the old art, to remind people artists don't just happen overnight. And because making people smile and laugh is the greatest reward for doing what I do.

It's good to be back.



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catgirl29 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
What wonderful, You are back, yes , caught it, no new Honour among thieves stuff but thank You for unhide the old ones, wish things run nice for you
talisath Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Phydeaux314 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Welcome back! I've missed your work, and I'm glad to see you're making a return!
AssemblerOfSouls Featured By Owner Edited Oct 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Seeing all your old art back, I was so excited I almost cried!!! One of your short comics was the reason why I snicker every time I hear "Hoth" on the commercials at work, and that's just a tiny portion of the joy your art gave me over the years. :heart:

I can't wait to see what you have in store for us, but for now... Faint
SmutronBow Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015  Student General Artist
I followed you on Tumblr but that you are coming back here makes me smile a lot!
skipperofotters05 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015
You have literally just made my night. WELCOME BACK <3
AssemblerOfSouls Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay!!!!!! I wish i wasn't mobile, but it's probably for the best! Lol!

We missed you! ^^
Tsa05 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow!! Lots of changes!! (Sorry I missed your birthday)
Happy to hear that you're still in SWTOR, too! 
LordFhalkyn Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
jiynx Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2015  Student
Hello fellow,

Was browsing the internets like I do, and came across some of your art, and thought of you. 

I hope life is treating you well, and you've been finding what you went to search for.

In my thoughts,
- M
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