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I need a break.

From DeviantArt, Tumblr, WoW, TOR, all of it.

I don't like sharing aspects of my personal life anymore, but some things have happened and I need time alone. I apologize to anyone who's sent me a note in the past few weeks, whether on here or any of my other accounts; I won't be getting back to you. My Deviations are not deleted, merely hidden, but I have no intention of returning any time soon.

You've all been great.



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BlackWhiteAngelCat13 7 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
Take care of your self now, and good luck. Just know that we all understand what have 
told use, and thank you for sharing your wonderful art work; and telling use how your 
life is well a little bit of it. Also charge to stay strong. 
We will miss you, your art is awesome and your talent is incredble . So sad for you. Take care of yourself. You deserve happiness <3 I hope you will feel better and maybe one day come back. We will always support you and wish you the best.
RivetWenchChic 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
You do what you have to do. Your art is lovely and I only hope to see you resurface someday, but anybody that isn't trodding the line (or well over it) of sociopathology within your fan base certainly understands. Take your time and heal from your injuries, in the end you will be stronger and that much better for it.
Chanree 1 day ago   Digital Artist
Hun, be sure to be well..ok? we like you but we will respect and all what's going on. Make sure to take care of yourself, fight and enjoy life. You only live once...enjoy it ok? *thumbs up*

and for people who seem to put their noses into your guys sure are annoying, pretty annoying she can draw, be awesome, like to have plans and all..if she wanna leave and take a break, fine..let her. But it's your fault to nag and shit because you want to see 'the true art' ...there is no true art..only an artist grow with their own art style and love it..and when it comes to personal stuff, don't lay your nose into something you don't belong. She is no slave, she is a free bird. remember that. 

But I don't *shurg* if that's the truth..well people are weak these days, those who goes on stronger and talent people...for no reason...oh yeah, to hurt that person. That's pretty selfish and you will not become better person. 

anyhow hun, take your time, we love you. No matter what, but we will be more happy you come back...with that smile again. You need to get that back, and add the middle finger to push those fuckers away..ok? Love Sweden. 
LorrdTurtlePi 1 day ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
It's really sad seeing one of my favourite artist leaving us for a while. But I hope the best for you and that things get better soon. Take your time, we'll be waiting for you.
You know what. Who gives a rat's ass what's going on in her personal life? Why don't you people stop being pathetic cowards and stalking her. What are you trying to prove? How big of a dick you are? Because congratulations you front of millions of people. This is the problem with fandoms and this website. You assholes don't know when to grow the fuck up. I'm not pulling any punches here. If the girl's got problems than she can handle them anyway she pleases. Obviously she isn't hurting anyone. Probably just herself mentally and emotionally. So what if you think she's emo SO THE FUCK WHAT if her boyfriend broke up with her and she is mentally devastated you have no right to act like giant fucking douches to her. Honestly this doesn't sound like something simple this sounds like something deep and hurtful and you're adding fuel to the fire. You're not helping you're hurting and even if she was a bitch to somebody turn the other cheek piss ants. So here's an honorary go FUCK YOURSELF. Also I hope you don't reproduce asshats. People like you are ruining this world by sucking the life out of it. 
Neekolassz0r 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
amen hallelujah! <3
SerinaGyrfalc 2 days ago  Student Filmographer
Sometimes you need to step away to work other things out. I hope things are alright, and I'll be hoping for the best for you.
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